Fantasy Fables:

These stories are what came to me while sculpting the pieces.  I hope it helps you understand me and my works a little better. 

  • "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?"
  • "Counting Sheep"
  • "Cirque de Lune"
  • "Surely, You Jest"
  • "The Three of Me"
  • "Humpty Dumpty"
  • "I'm a Little Teapot"
  • "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary"
  • "Aquatic Interlude"
  • "Checkmate"
"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?"

In the African jungle, so long ago,
strolled a fantastical ostrich named Otto.

When all of the sudden he spotted a man
with maps and boxes and chickens and pans.

He heard of this gent who appeared full of gloom,
and said to him, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

The old man nodded and asked for a ride,
"The Nile River I search for, will you be my guide?"

Otto was humble and said to the man,
"Load up your belongings, I'll help where I can."

Together they rode and became best of friends,
in search of the Nile. Where history begins.

- The End -


"Counting Sheep"

The day is done. The night has come. It's time to go to sleep.
The sun is down. The moon is up. But where are all the sheep?

The little lambs are dreaming to be counted: one, two, three.
Oh Father Moon, please wake them up. It's time, you must agree.

My children need their rest. They've had a busy day of play.
Now mom and dad deserve some time, that's all I ask, I pray.

- The End -

"Cirque de Lune"

The Monkeys Three a Circus be, although a sadly sight,
Magician, Acrobat and Puppeteer stared up into the night.

They saw Father Moon alone in gloom and felt his lonely pain,
Though poor they were it mattered not their goal was n'er in vain.

To make him laugh and turn a cheek, "We'll do the best we can."
Climb up to him they each did go to entertain the man.

To start it off, the Acrobat did make it to the top.
Upon his back he twirled his plates and all but one did drop.

The Puppeteer grinned ear to ear, with his toad in string,
Did all he could to make him dance. No fun was he to bring.

Last in line the Magician climbed prepared to trick the moon.
By pulling things out of his hat a fish has met its doom.

Although they tried with all their might, the moon was not amused.
He simply sneered and raised his brow and acted unenthused.

"Why don't you three just let me be alone up in the sky?
I did not ask for Circus tricks so please now go, say I."

"But Father Moon we saw you sad and only want a smile.
As performers we fulfill our goal although it may take a while."

So, on they went for days and weeks and months turned into years.
The Moon held true and never smiled and only gave them sneers.

The moral of this fable is with all you chose to do
No matter what other people want, be always true to you.

- The End -

"Surely, You Jest?"

"Surely, you jest, to think that I should climb atop this wall?"

Asked the Jester to the King, "For certain it will fall!"

"Down here I'll play, I'll dance a jig, I'll sing a happy song

My little friend and I will entertain you all night long."

"But please don't make me go up there, I beg, I plea, I pray.

My Nobel King, I truly wish to see another day."

The King sat back, he gave a smile and gently tugged his beard.

"I told you Fool, climb up that wall or Knight will have you speared."

So up he went, the shaky wall, until he reached the top.

He clutched his friend and said to him, "This wall is bound to drop."

And at that moment the stones gave way and crumbled to the ground.

The King, he laughed, the Jester fell and his friend was never found.

~The End ~

"The Three of Me"

The Three of Me teeter on this bottle of drink,
pondering life's questions that force me to think.

In one hand an angel tries to stop my foul play.
In the other a devil who wants to lead me astray.

Which mask will I wear when making my choice?
The answer will come through the slur in my voice.

- The End -

"Humpty Dumpty"

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the King's horses and all the King's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

"I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little teapot short and stout

Here is my handle and here is my spout

When I get all steamed up hear me shout

Tip me over and pour me out. 

"Mary, Mary Quite Contrary"

Mary, Mary quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And seven maids all in a row. 

"Aquatic Interlude"
Let's start this tale as others do with, "Once upon a time",
Although this little story is no child's nursery rhyme.

I'll tell you of some creatures who dwelled under the sea
And lived a simple life each day of peace and harmony.

But once a year the tides would turn and magic filled the air.
These humble creatures freed their form, let fantasies declare!

So let our stories of this night begin to set the mood
As you will find with in the tales of "Aquatic Interlude".


In oceans deep, and eras past, "One night a year", they'd say
"A fish would play his trumpet and the seas would part their way."

A fancy fish with scales of blue.  They all would call him "Toot".
He was the most beloved fish and wore the finest boots.

His sounds were so enchanting. A magic he would share.
So all the creatures now can breath the water and the air.

Their bodies would transform as their humanity took shape.
His music freed their minds so that their fantasies escaped.

Throughout this night emotions stirred and everyone had fun
And on he'd play until he saw the rising of the sun.


Schools of Koi, while passing by, got caught up in the sound.
Seductively they each began to leap and dance around.

Their flowing fins and billowed tails hypnotized the mind,
Of all who were around them were sure to feel resigned.

One tiny little blowfish was captured by the gaze
Of a sultry fish who surely made his pointy spikes to raise.

"How coy you are," He said to her. "To tempt me like you do.
I know that I would please you. Of this I say is true."

Reluctantly she turned to him and gave him her reply,
"I doubt there's much that you can do.  So please now go, say I."

No sooner did she turn away a wind blew from below.
So strong it was her tail flew up. She smiled. "Well don't you know."

"Blow fish, Blow!" She said to him. "The breeze feels oh so good."
So happily with all his might he blew while there she stood.


Up to the sky the creatures looked and saw something draw near.
The goddess that they longed for.  The crowds began to cheer!
Lured in by the magic, their goddess ruled by love.
"Octasy" they called her from the depths and high above.

No creature could resist her golden skin so fair,
Eyes like jewels. She ruled the night. No woman could compare.

But when she has been captured by the music in the air
Eight arms are not enough for her to embrace all that is there.

So filled she was with passion for the creatures far and wide,
Her mere thoughts entranced their souls with pleasures one can't hide.

When she came near they'd have no choice but fall under her spell.
In love they'd fall, fore sake it all, their dreams began to swell.


A brave fish did approach her, enflamed in love's caress.
He crept up from below and said ", To you I must confess,

You are the highest majesty and I a humble fish.
I have not much to offer you, but love from you I wish."

Smiling he said to her ", You are a work of art.
All that I can give you is this gold key to my heart."


The Frog Prince also craving for a life of love Devine,
Hopped up to the Goddess in his garments, so refined.

A pearl he offered in a shell, a token of his love.
He wanted her so badly and be taken high above.

With shiny crown and majesty he vowed on bended knee
"Take me now, my lovely one, I'll set your passions free."


Along the sand Sir Rock did crawl, as lobsters often do.
A man of full refinement with tails and top hat too.

When suddenly he heard the sound of music being played.
The song was so alluring that his mind was truly swayed.

The closer that he got to it, the clearer it became
This music was accompanied by voices that inflame.

The melodies entranced him and it all seemed such a sin.
So he rested in a kelp bed where his body just gave in.

Sirena sang her lullaby, with devious intent,
To lure Sir Rock into a trance seducing this fine gent.

She swam into the kelp bed and wrapped herself up tight
And reaching out her arm to him, he fought with all his might.

He knew from tales of sirens he'd surely meet his doom.
But this one wanted nothing but the strongest love to bloom.

So with a thrust she came to him and landed him a kiss
And off they swam into the night in ever loving bliss.


A seahorse and a fish are not the likeliest of pair.
And to the world, with narrow minds, their love they should not share.

But to this man it mattered not when love comes over him.
His heart begins to beat.  For her, the oceans he would swim.

She longs for him but from afar.  Curiosity abates.
For fear a world of ridicule and jeopardize their fates.

Alone at last he finds her. His love he must confess.
She hesitates to his approach but longs for his caress.

"Come hither dear." He said to her. "Succumb to my embrace."
"Your beauty's so entrancing that my heart cannot erase."
So finally, this femme fatale, gave in to loving ways
When her passion was ignited by his soulful loving gaze.


On and on they all frolicked long into the night.
Each of them embracing feelings they always had to fight.
"Toot your horn," the creatures shout "before we reach the dawn.
This feelings so euphoric that we want it to go on."
So on he played until the sun did rise above the sea.
Then said, "Again, I will return to set your passions free.

-The End-

A story six I'll make them quick as much as I can try.
It's all about The Game of Chess, a battle of life implied.

From monarchies to citizens and purity to sin,
A hero or a villain fights to have his kingdom win.

In life we share the same battles, much like this noble game.
And this is why I share this tale of which I will explain...

The Pawns, in mass, head up the line to be the first to fall.
They symbolize the people that our rulers heed to call.

Within their fight that's strong and true, no matter day or age,
Their spirits soar, they start to roar and tempers can enrage.

The races fight and females fall, depravity sets in.
But the humblest of citizens are the righteous ones to win.

The Knight defines strength and honor for the king he serves.
He represents the hero who is handsome and reserved.

Although he has the swiftest moves some things he can't escape,
A touchy Bishop or taunting Pawn who's toils start to take shape.

Exhausted by their torment our valiant Knight must choose
His virtues or his vanity for one he's bound to lose.

When Bishops or religion are entered into war,
No one is the winner and death heads up the score.

In dark he looms on vanity as we too often see.
Then comes his sin of lust and hidden sexuality.

His arms outstretched he's here to bless and give a holy kiss.
But be aware the hidden hand.  Its dagger is n'er to miss.

The Rook is meekest of the court, yet defends his Noble King,
He moves ahead and side to side, and castles he can bring.

He's strong and true and made of brick.  A battle he can fight.
A humble man with heart of gold, morality in sight.

On bended knee he bows in honor, as council to the crown,
While his King is falling and the walls come crumbling down.

The Lion-Hearted King reigns with majesty and grace,
His subjects all defend him but much to their disgrace.

He thinks himself a Puritan but falls to a woman's hand,
When a temptress takes the lead and whips this willing man.

Although he fights he can't deny his curiosity
As many men often do in this Aristocracy.

The Queen she stands beside her man who rules over the lands.
She lets him think he's in control but she has other plans.

Her beauty so enticing and her moves are all too sly.
The strongest King would have no chance but fall to her or die.

As the court has been diverted, with a thrust she sealed their fate.
And as the dark Queen wins the game, she hollers out, "Check mate!"

So, now you've heard my story six.  A tale it was to tell.
A fable or a fantasy? Of life it does foretell.

The lesson learned from this story, only you can say.
Depending on the character whom you tend to portray.

But heed my warning, move with care all throughout this game.
In life it's your morality and honor to proclaim.

- The End -